Men Fashion Trends For Ties

Mens Ties 2013 Trends

People often do not realize that men fashion trends can change from one year to the next. That is because most of the attention is focused on women’s fashion but even the little accessories like watches and ties can have a different impact on what you are wearing. Men’s ties are one of those things that can change from year to year and a lot of people don’t see it because they can keep the same tie in some cases for years, but people notice.

Ties Fashion Trends 2013

Bold Textures
One of the things that you will be seeing a lot of in the next few months in men fashion trends when it comes to ties is the use of bold textures. Even those who do not pay much attention to fashion will be able to pull off a great look by using bold textures. Look for ties that are made using warmer materials so that when the weather cools down a bit, you can wear them with your sweaters and look great while doing so.

Mens Ties 2013

Bold Stripes
In the last few years there have been very thin pencil stripes on the runways. However, in the last few months the change has gone to bold stripes. They are inspired by styles such as Nautical and Ivy League. That means that the tie can be perfect for any type of environment. You can even wear bold striped ties with sporty shirts or sweaters. Adding a single piece to your wardrobe can get a lot of attention to your tie. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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