Men’s vests are one of the things they can wear to look more macho. A timeless trend in vests for men is the leather vests. It goes back to the time when John Travolta was always seen wearing one. Different actors who wore this kind had women worshipping them, and men bit the fad and wore them as well.

Lacoste Pima Cotton Sweater Vest by Nordstrom

These are available in various colors and patterns. Motorcyclists prefer the colored vests as they wear them during different races. It gives them their unique statement which they highly want especially when you are racing against a hundred others. Leather vests are sleeveless in nature but in some cases they are attached with relatively short sleeves.

D&G Velvet Trim Vest by Nordstrom

The latest in men’s vest in 2010 are lambskin and cowhide motorcycle vests. Unlike leather vests, these go beyond the usual color of brown and black going to a much wider assortment of colors. Leather vests in the past were solely made for fashion and can be uncomfortable for the wearer. But with the innovation of technology today, leather vests can now be both stylish and comfortable for use. It can be worn by all men of different ages.

Victorinox Recycled Ripstop Down Vest by Nordstrom

Leather vests have gained its popularity among different individuals. It used to be seen being worn by teenagers previously but we can see today that even men in their forties have a liking for this trendy piece of clothing. Choosing one that suits you can be tricky since it now comes in various attractive designs. Black is one option you can grab if you like one that can be worn with almost every shirt. If you like to have a tougher look, go for brown. The brown shade can give a tough impression because of its inclination to cowboys while black are great for party animals.