Leather has been one of the most popular materials for creating clothes. Throughout history, men are commonly seen wearing leather made clothes. Leather jackets have been in a man’s wardrobe for years. The first ever leather jacket was made in the 1950’s. Since then, it has been unanimously acknowledged as a sign of machismo.

D&G Lambskin Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Nordstrom

The main advantage of leather jackets that contribute in letting it stay in trend for a very long period of time is because it is worn and used by both guys and girls. If you want to unearth something in your wardrobe that will still be “in trend” for next 6 or 7 years then you cannot go wrong with this classic design. The best men’s leather jackets are made from various animal skins. Here, we discuss the various materials used for creating quality leather jackets, and its diverse functionality.

Armani – Perforated Italian Lambskin Leather Jacket by Nordstrom

Leather is any brown, dried, dyed, and toughened skin of an animal. Cowhide is the skin of adult cows. It is mainly used in making shoes, boots and jackets. It can also be made using lizard skin. Lizard skins are embossed to give a lizard skin effect. Cowhide and lizard skin are the most common resources used to create the best men’s leather jackets. Other skins used are pigskin which is known for its smooth touch while ostrich skin is known for the rough feeling.

Affliction ‘Silent’ Leather Jacket by Nordstrom

Motorcycle riders choose these jackets for its durability. It acts as a protective skin in case of accidents. Bomber jackets or flight jackets are utilized mainly by the air force during the 1940’s to 1950’s.They zip up in the front and have two slash pockets with one internal pocket. They were utilized for their thermal and fire proof properties. This type of men’s leather jacket was created with the pilot in mind.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shearling Jacket by Nordstrom – Price: $3.500,00