A man’s wedding is one of the most important days of his life. While most of the attention tends to get centered on the bride, the groom should take the opportunity to look the best he has ever looked. Whenever a wedding is planned, make sure that the other men in the wedding party are not copies of the groom. They should be dressed in such a way that is complementary to the groom but will not upstage him in the slightest. For a traditional formal wedding, a sharp, well-fitting tuxedo with a tie, vest, and formal shirt is ideal for the groom. Pants can be finished with a satin trim and can be pleated or have a flat front. Accessories can be coordinated with the wedding colors or can be black, whatever is preferred.

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If you’re getting married on the beach, it is a good idea that the men dress elegantly, but still dress to the scene. It’s actually out of place to be married on a beach in a black suit – not to mention hot! Suits should be lightweight and light colored. The best material for this is fine quality, light weight wool. It’s the coolest and most crease resistant. Microfiber will look great but will be a bit hot, while cotton and linen will crease and look terrible in the heat.

Having a morning or afternoon summer wedding? Go for lighter fabrics and soft colors. You want a more relaxed look for these kinds of weddings. If you think you are overdressed, then just wear the pants and a nice shirt, and forget the jacket and tie. This way you look great and casually formal, but if it’s a church wedding, keep the jacket and tie. A wedding that is held in fall or winter will require that you wear darker colors and use more sophisticated fabrics. Remember that if the wedding says to dress casual, you should dress as you would for a casual business meeting, in casual dress pants, nice shoes, and a casual dress shirt. Never take it to mean jeans and sneakers!