Everyone loves summer and the great fun that comes with the season. Cookouts, camping, and of course, swimming. Even if you aren’t much of a summer, nothing beats relaxing in the cool water of a lake, ocean, or pool. There are many different varieties of bathing suits for women, but what about the men? There are just as many different kinds of bathing suits for men to choose from, and they all look great.

If you’re a man who is a bit more conservative in his dress, or who wishes to hide some sort of perceived flaw, such as his thighs, then the traditional swimming trunks are an excellent choice. These look very similar to regular shorts, and are even more comfortable. If you’re a surfer, there are lots of board shorts that you can choose from. These kinds of bathing suits are made from quick-drying cotton blends, and are always trendy and comfortable.

For the competitive swimmer, there are speedos. Speedos are the brand name and are made by the company, Speedo, and they are known as some of the best swimwear in the world. They are perfect for competitive swimmers because they make bathing suits that are lightweight and sleek, which keeps drag down to a minimum. They also make swimwear that increases drag to help swimmers become stronger. For those men who want to show off their bodies, there are swim thongs. These thongs are very supportive of a man’s body, and give a profile that no other swimsuit can provide. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors, but they all look incredible.