A practical and stylish dresser knows that he needs to make his outfit suit the weather outside in order to look great. But when that weather is grey and rainy it can be very difficult to look fashionable. A full on overcoat is just too much in the rain, but a suit is too little, so a raincoat is an excellent choice. Raincoats are very versatile, easy to carry, and are a businessman’s best friend because he can easily carry one wherever he goes so he is never caught unprepared.

There are many styles of raincoats. The most popular are the trench coats, which go well with business suits or with shirts and jeans. If you are going to be wearing a trench coat to work, it is more acceptable to wear a khaki or similar shade, rather than a black leather trench coat.

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However, black leather will work in just about any setting. Macs are more universal but are less detailed than a trench coat. They don’t have too many belts or buttons, and if you get on in grey, black, or navy it will go with almost anything you wear. When you’re on your way for a weekend trip or anywhere but the office, a zip-up raincoat with a hood is a great choice. This is the most casual style raincoat, but it’s perfect for casual days and won’t weigh you down while keeping you dry. Keep it simple but you don’t have to be boring.

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When buying a raincoat, make sure you wear your business suit. This way you’ll know the raincoat will fit comfortably. The same goes for buying a casual raincoat – wear your casual clothes. Also, if the material is wrinkle-resistant, it will be easier to carry in a bag if you need to. You also need to pay attention to whether a raincoat is water repellent or waterproof. If it’s repellent, you could still get wet if you’re caught in a strong rain but you’ll be nice and dry in a waterproof one.